Personal Financial Literacy programs

Our programs equip our participants with financial planning techniques and strategies that will help them better manage their finances covering concepts from various aspects such as, budget management, debt management, retirement planning, investment planning, risk management planning, health planning and estate planning.

Personal Financial Coaching programs

Post our financial literacy workshops we match clients with our team of financial coaches and planners to provide coaching sessions and help develop a financial roadmap that will help them achieve their financial goals

Pre-retirement Preparation and wellness program workshops

Planning for retirement is not only about the financial aspect, but has proven to be an emotionally engaging process for all employees irrespective of their social standing or organizational stature. A few years before retirement, fewer employees feel completely confident about retirement. Our bespoke programs help pre retirees prepare for their retirement by responding to an array of questions such as “Am I on track to retire with

sufficient assets to meet their financial needs?”

Corporate Master of Ceremony (MC) Services

We offer professional, relevant and customized master of ceremony (MC) services for corporate events. Our goal is to make your corporate event seamless, interactive and exciting.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching

We provide tailor-made workshops and coaching sessions to improve public speaking and presentation skills with the aim of building self–confidence, eloquence and high quality presentations.

Leadership Development Services

We are passionate about developing people and through our leadership develop initiatives such as personal branding, mentorship programs, youth development our goal is to equip our participants with skills that will help them develop themselves.

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